• Snita Gerard Thomas

    Snita Gerard Thomas

    Data scientist in the making || Worked as an Admin Assistant || Bachelor of Commerce || Masters in Data Science and Business intelligence

  • Diana Adorno

    Diana Adorno

    Research, design, science and business.

  • Harmeet Sokhi

    Harmeet Sokhi

    Data,ML and Tech

  • Simon Aubury

    Simon Aubury

    Day job: data steaming & system architecture. Night gig: IoT and random project hacking

  • Arna Karick, PhD

    Arna Karick, PhD

    Data Scientist & Strategic Designer | ex-Research Scientist | Endlessly curious about how data, design, and AI is transforming science, technology, and society.

  • Kevin Gabeci

    Kevin Gabeci

    Create with Heart and Build with Mind | Programmer with a Passion for Writing |

  • Tas Tudor

    Tas Tudor

    Ex-accountant & adviser, entrepreneur and current Founder of Scale It Consulting (www.scaleconsulting.com.au).

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